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A sense of purpose provides meaning and significance to our lives. Living with purpose means that we are accomplishing things that are important to us because we make decisions about our time, energy, focus, and willpower that are in alignment with what we value the most. 

The purpose is energizing: it is one of the most important principles to provide and maintain high levels of sustainable drive and vitality for high performance. With a central sense of purpose, we are much more likely to persevere through obstacles and adversity because it’s worth the effort. We also draw inspiration and motivation from a sense of purpose. 

When we don’t have a clear purpose it’s easy to get distracted—we get stuck in a loop of reactive doing—not necessarily stopping to ask if we are doing things that are fulfilling. Then we get to a certain point where life feels empty. 

Whether your purpose is to inspire, support, teach, uplift, or empower others, raise healthy children, live each day to the fullest, or give back—as high performers we must take ownership over it.  This is easier said than done because it requires us to have healthy love and respect for our boundaries and ourselves.

This is our responsibility. This healthy type of selfishness means we protect our purpose AND fulfill our other roles. This is where we recognize the importance of our own growth, health, and happiness. It doesn’t mean that we live our “purpose” perfectly all the time but we organize, continue to come back, and build around it.

-Coach Liane

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