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In this week’s episode of The Leadership Launchpad Project, the Godfather of Talent Optimization, Matt Poepsel, joins Rob and I to talk about talent optimization, how to build a great team and how to gain a competitive advantage over your competition. Listen to the podcast here! 

Bottom line, if you’re not maximizing the gifts of each person in your organization, you’re not going to be able to compete sustainably in a business world that is quickly evolving into one that values its people first. 

If you want to measure and improve your team’s psychological safety to improve their performance and capture all of the benefits, my fabulous co-host Rob Kalwarowsky is now a ‘Fearless Organization Practitioner’ and is offering psychological safety assessments. 

I highly recommend this as a starting point to assess the performance of your people. If it sounds like something you need, you can learn more here.

Today’s show is packed with all kinds of actionable strategies that will help you maximize the potential of your people, in a time and space and place in the world where we are not only getting back in the game post-pandemic but when we all have the opportunity to change the way the game of life and business is being played forever. 

Please share this episode with your tribe and help us spread the powerful, positive ripple effect of this game-changing Leadership 2.0 mission. 

Your highest potential is our passion, so let’s unleash it together!

-Coach Susan

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