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Empowerment is about feeling impactful. It’s about self-agency—the level of control and ownership that we have to make decisions that are in alignment with who we are and what we want for ourselves. 

But what sets us up to feel empowered? 

We need high-quality beliefs about ourselves that help us practice self-leadership and take responsibility for our choices about how we use our time, energy, focus, and willpower. We want to invest ourselves in the kinds of choices that create a high-quality life experience.

But too often we get pulled away from experiences that fulfill us because we invest our time, energy, focus, and willpower on what we think we “should” value. If we probe more deeply we often find that we spend time and energy on things that we don’t actually value. We’re on the treadmill, reacting to demands, fast forward, and at the mercy of social pressures that strongly influence our commitments and what we are striving for. 

This is why if we want to truly be in an empowered state, it requires a baseline of emotional intelligence. We need to sift through where we are getting pulled out of our power. Often it’s because we’re hustling to prove our value to ourselves and others and that leads us to make decisions that are not aligned with our most important goals.

With emotional intelligence, we learn to question our perceptions about ourselves. We create mental space to work through this and how we can make more empowered choices. So much of what comes up with our inner dialogue of thoughts and feelings are based on our past experiences, associations, and cultural conditioning. We can change how we relate to those thoughts and emotions and take responsibility for our mental experiences. 

This is how we find emotional stability—and that is truly empowering because it leads to a mental state where we feel energized, inspired, and well equipped to handle our challenges. 

-Coach Liane

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