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Choosing Happiness & Purpose Over Money

On this week’s podcasts, we interview a massively successful founder, CEO, and Elite client, who has given up the pursuit of traditional success for more personally meaningful, purpose-driven professional pursuits.

Xerxes Wania is the founder and chief designer at Conti Wood Studio, a Canadian serial entrepreneur who has built and grown technology companies that were successfully sold to large corporations, and his next chapter of life decided to pivot to opening his own Dogtopia, a doggy-daycare business in Ontario, after selling his tech companies. 

In this episode, we talk about purpose, entrepreneurship, happiness & the joy that dogs bring to us all.

Check out his interview, Entrepreneurship, Happiness & Dogs with Xerxes Wania on The Leadership Launchpad Project here. 

If you want to measure and improve your team’s psychological safety to improve their performance and capture all of the benefits, my fabulous co-host Rob Kalwarowsky is now certified as a ‘Fearless Organization Practitioner’ and is offering psychological safety assessments for your team or organization. 

If it sounds like something you may be interested in checking out or learning more about, you can learn more here.

In a time and space in the world where we are all refocusing on what truly matters, this interview may be just the inspiration you need to make a pivot in your own professional lane towards a more personally meaningful and fulfilling path. 

Your highest potential is our passion, so let’s unleash it together!

-Coach Susan

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