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It’s common for high-achieving women to apply an achievement-focused lens to their lives. As women, we get hooked on the pattern of doing the thing that gets the praise.

We learn it young as we master the game of school and pleasing our parents and teachers. By the time we reach adulthood we have internalized a strategy of striving for perfection and pleasing people along the way because it consistently produces high-quality results. 

This is what leads so many high achievers into the brick wall of burnout. When you measure your value in this world by your achievements and external validation you have to be vigilant at filling up that tank on a daily basis. It’s a case of never enough.

It also leads many high achieving women to feeling stuck because if the end goal is to prove ability and appear competent at all times then we are not willing to go out of our comfort zone because we fear mistakes and failure. We can only do what we know we can succeed at so we end up making choices that are safe. 

This is why our coaching process at Elite is about reorienting our mindset towards growth. To get good at anything we have to practice. We need a mindset based on the belief that it’s safe to fail. If we can feel okay to admit that we fell short then we can feel the discomfort, gather the feedback and get better.

A growth mindset allows us to value what we’re doing regardless of the outcome. It sees learning as an important accomplishment because that is how we engage deeply in a process, improve and get closer to our goals.

-Coach Liane

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