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How Do You Find Purpose and Meaning in Your Professional Life?

Are you on your purpose-driven mission professionally?

Does every job have the opportunity to have meaning or is that something that is reserved for the privileged few? 

Where do you even begin to search for and find meaning and purpose in what you do professionally? 

If you are currently contemplating any of these questions, this week’s Leadership Launchpad Project podcast with Purposeful Leadership Professor, Author & Performance Consultant Zach Mercurio is the place to start. Zach gives us his thoughts on purposeful leadership and how to lead with meaning. Listen to the podcast here!

Are you ready to find meaning & purpose in your leadership? Join Lauren Williams & Rob Kalwarowsky in the upcoming Leadership Launchpad Project program, by registering here. You’ll be able to get the tools & strategies you need to find your purpose & get started on your Leadership 2.0 mission towards having a greater, more meaningful impact on your people.

How does unlocking your mindset contribute to playing your biggest impact game as a leader? Join Lauren Williams and Rob Kalwarowsky in a special Leadership 2.0 Mindset Masterclass on May 27 at 12pm ET to find out! Register Here.

Your highest potential is our passion, so let’s unleash it together!

-Coach Susan

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