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This week we are exploring grounding, which involves bringing your focus to the here and now to manage racing thoughts or when we feel overwhelmed or anxious. The objective is to feel calm, centered, and present. There are many ways to ground yourself but one of the top ones that I use regularly is the final resting posture in yoga called Savasana (lying down on the ground) or Corpse pose. 

I used to be the person who couldn’t resist the impulse to jump up and leave after yoga because I found Savasana boring. I see now that the kind of complete stillness that the pose brings while it’s the easiest physically, is the most mentally challenging.

To be still and in silence with ourselves is difficult. Now that I understand the benefits of it from a tension-release perspective (body and mind), it’s the part of the practice I look forward to the most! It’s a great way to bring attention to your body and sink into the stability of the earth beneath you.

That’s the magic of it—you give your mind and body permission to rest. I find it refreshing and I regularly use Savasana as a starting point for meditation. It’s also a great way to temporarily reset and minimize distractions.

As high performers, we can use techniques such as these to move from a reactive to a calm state.

-Coach Liane

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