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Boy oh boy, has this past year ever tested our resiliency?! 14 months ago, we were sidelined overnight by this world pandemic. With the first lockdown came a lot of confusion, fear, and incredible amounts of uncertainty. 

By the time the second lockdown occurred over the winter months, we became frustrated and agitated. And now, in our most severe lockdown yet, we are just plain over it. 

The pandemic fatigue is real – so we have to ask? Where do we go in our mindsets to navigate it so that we can sustain our way through the storm?

Now more than ever, we simply have to compel ourselves to stay focused on what we CAN control. This is the best secret mindset weapon of them all – and it’s the key to unlocking your resiliency. 

While there are lots that have been taken away from us, our businesses, and our children, there is still lots that we CAN do and CAN choose to lean into and practice the attitude of gratitude for. 

When we get tired or worn down by the fight, the incredible challenges we face, the obstacles we need to overcome, it’s critical that we stay engaged with this mindset built for resiliency, so if you feel knocked down and depleted by this third lockdown, it’s time to switch mental gears and lean into the controllable factors. 

The measure of mental strength is not “if we fall down, will we get back up?” But rather “when we fall down, how quickly will we bounce back up?” 

Test your bounce-back rate today to see where your resiliency is at – then re-engage your mindset with the things that you CAN control. It will give you that final push you need to make it across the pandemic finish line. 

Your highest potential is my passion, so let’s unleash it together!

-Coach Susan

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