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It’s that time of year again when we clean out our closets, our kitchens, our garages, and our gardens. But how about our mindsets?

For all the same reasons we spring clean our physical spaces, there are major benefits to ritualistically cleansing your thought patterns too. 

Especially this spring, after a winter spent navigating lockdowns and 24-7 pandemic news cycles. 

Left unchecked, we pick up bad habits of thinking, choosing, and behaving. So what better time to do a thought cleanse than when spring hits, the sun starts shining, the birds start chirping and the trees start to bloom?

We suggest starting off by sitting with your journal and doing a brain dump as to what bad habits of thinking have accumulated over the long winter months. Then get super intentional about the top three that need to be challenged and eliminated most. 

Remember, cleansing doesn’t happen overnight. It will take time, discipline, and repetition. But we promise, investing your time in dropping the dead mental weight is well worth it and you’ll feel so much better when you do. And who couldn’t use a little mental boost right about now?

Your highest potential is my passion, so let’s unleash it together!

-Coach Susan

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