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As we move into the warmer months and many people itch to produce a less cluttered environment in their homes and offices, I want to put a focus on a different kind of cleaning and decluttering. 

In Spring the weather changes and we witness both the beginning and end of multiple different sports seasons. Athletes are either beginning the process of winding down and ending their winter season or gearing up for their summer sport.

In Brain Training for Elite Athletes, we talk a lot about how critical it is to track progress on a daily, weekly, monthly, and season-wide basis. As we come to near the end of our winter sports seasons, the Spring cleaning that has to occur for many elite athletes has less to do with re-arranging furniture and wiping down the windows and a lot more to do with taking stock of what went well throughout the season and what needs work.

 This intelligence gathering (or Spring Cleaning) helps ensure that we continue the growth process. 

By collecting all of this info on what we did well and what we need to do better in the future, we gather everything we need to create the best possible off-season training plan. As athletes, it’s absolutely critical that regardless of a good season or bad season, we get in and do this Spring cleaning to find the information we need to improve and move on from the information that won’t help us in our next season.

-Coach Lauren

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