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A scarcity mindset is related to a fixed mindset where we have beliefs that our personal qualities are set. When we believe that we have all we will ever have, it brings on the worry, am I enough?

In this mindset, we avoid situations that could threaten our identity, especially if mistakes are likely because we view them as personal deficiencies. We can only do what we know we can succeed at so we make safe choices. We retreat to a protective comfort zone, get stuck in a rut, and can’t progress.

For high performance, we are always cultivating an abundant mindset. In this mindset, we get more intentional about the way we think about ourselves and our circumstances. It’s knowing that we are enough and that we are able to meet our challenges.

One of the key concepts is choosing to focus on progress and not perfection. We don’t have to know all the answers but if we are willing to learn and grow then this is what allows us to step into the unknown.

Step one is to train your mind to focus on progress and growth as a new standard of excellence. Progression is a goal that we can always reach. Can you show up and do the best you can with the capacity you have today?

If the answer is yes, that’s all any of us can do. This helps release an abundant state so that we can take steps in the direction of our goals.

-Coach Liane

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