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I could not be any more excited to roll out this week’s episode on ‘The Leadership Launchpad Project’ podcast, where we interview one of the most heart-centric leaders I’ve ever met. 

I’ve had the privilege of working with Claire Jones (CJ as she was known as around the office) and her Leadership team over at MIQ Digital for the last two years now, and they are definitely at the cutting-edge of all things Leadership 2.0 (practicing people-centric, psychologically safe, Diverse and Inclusive High-Performance Leadership practices). 

In this interview, Claire shares with us her 2.0 Leadership Vision; where people are the bottom line, her people feel seen, heard, and safe to be vulnerable, and her team of High-Performers works cohesively, collaboratively, and in an inclusive way, that celebrates the diversity of everyone on the team. 

I’ve witnessed firsthand as their High-Performance Leadership Coach how these Leadership 2.0 mindset strategies have not only helped team MIQ survive the incredible disruption of this world pandemic, but have actually set them up to thrive, capitalizing on the disruption itself, and reaching even greater heights than ever before as a business and as people. 

I can hardly wait for you to hear this interview – don’t miss this incredible opportunity to download all kinds of game-changing Leadership Intel that will set you up to lead your team and your business into the next frontier of peak performance. 

Listen to the podcast here! 

Your highest potential is my passion, so get listening and let’s unleash it together!

-Coach Susan

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