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When preparing to level up in any area of your performance, setting boundaries is simply essential. 

Often overlooked and oversimplified, the act of setting boundaries is actually what sets the trajectory for the mission itself. 

Setting clear, solid, High-Performance boundaries determines what your rules of engagement must be on the mission – in other words, what you will and will not accept, will or will not engage in, where you will invest your bandwidth and where you won’t. 

If you’re ready to launch into the next level of your performance potential, this is an essential mindset strategy that cannot be avoided. Failing to secure the playbook of rules that will govern the way you make decisions ahead of time could lead to a failure to launch correctly. 

Dabblers who fail to establish proper boundaries ahead of time launch their mission towards leveling up like a slingshot, whereas those who are disciplined to check and vet their boundaries first launch like a rocket ship. 

Any High-Performer who is serious about their success steps into pro-status in their growth by establishing High-Performance boundaries before they launch. 

Those who fail to plan in this critical way are really just planning to fail. 

Your highest potential is my passion, let’s unleash it together!

-Coach Susan

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