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They unconsciously put their own needs aside so that they can be all things to everyone—the overly responsible and committed person that other people need them to be. High achievers rationalize not setting a boundary because they decide that they can “handle it.” 

For high achievers, who they are and what they need isn’t even on the map. Although while saying yes, when they want to say no helps smooth over any potential outer conflict, it then creates an inner one.

High performers bring more conscious awareness to how they are holding their boundaries.  They view having boundaries as a way to honour who they really are and the things they want to prioritize in their life.

High performers also know that boundaries—and routinely refreshing them—is a form of self-care.

 A life with established boundaries is how high performers are able to give themselves what they need and also communicate to others that they are valuable.

-Coach Liane

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