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The single most important investment you make in your growth each day is where you choose to place your focus. 

While it’s the most crucial decision, it is certainly not the easiest one to make. In a modern world, that constantly competes with our attention span, choosing to focus on those things that will enhance our rate of growth takes a heck of a lot of discipline, commitment, and accountability. 

When on a mission to level up in any area of your performance, you must step into pro-status with your focus. After all, only 3-5% of our choices a day are made with conscious awareness (meaning that we choose to do things that are not running on our autopilot). 

That’s why you simply must be strategic when it comes to your focus on your growth – you must decide where to invest that 3-5% of conscious awareness, towards the things that you can and most control, that will optimize your growth the most. 

So where should you strategically invest your focus on the daily, when going and growing after your next level? 

Focus on your growth itself: Where are you currently at in your actual self vs where you are headed in the realization of your future aspirational self? What is currently working and what isn’t and why? What do you need to do intentionally based on this gap assessment to take the next steps in your growth? 

Your focus fuels your growth, what you focus on expands, so if you’re ready to hit the growth accelerator in your performance, try focusing on your growth in these strategic ways and watch what happens next. 

Your highest potential is my passion, so let’s unleash it together!

-Coach Susan

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