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We’ve all been there, haven’t we? 

We decide it’s time level up, set out on our mission towards realizing more of our capacity to serve, committed to our aspirational vision for ourselves and the life we want to architect, for our families and our businesses, super motivated to hit the ground running towards the realization of that vision, and then…

Self-sabotage kicks in and wham, we get knocked on our butts, get sidelined from our missions, feel deflated, frustrated, and left marinating in our self-doubt. 

Self-sabotaging behaviours themselves are not the biggest disruptor to our growth – they are a completely natural, even predictable, aspect of going and growing after the next level of potential. It’s our response to falling into self-sabotaging patterns of behaviours. 

Left to its own devices, the brain will go into protection mode when self-sabotage kicks in, and we are left feeling like a failure – shut down, walk away and abort on the mission entirely. 

The key is to expect self-sabotage to happen when you decide to level up. Then commit to working through the resistance when it does its best to sideline you. When we take responsibility for our self-sabotaging behaviours, we become response-able. 

The next time this happens to you, try getting curious instead of walking away. Ask yourself “what is this showing me that I need to focus on next? What do I need to do to overcome this? How can I better support myself in making better decisions here?”

Even self-sabotaging behaviours are opportunities dressed up in disguise as adversity. They can be powerful growth intel that can inform you about what strategies you need to proactively develop or elicit. 

The key is to commit to staying in the game and staying engaged with your growth, no matter what. 

You’re highest potential is my passion, so let’s h leash it together!

-Coach Susan

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