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High-Performers know that the best way to get what you don’t want is to fear it. In other words, fear, when left unchecked at the door, can act as a self-fulfilling prophecy (when you stay in fear, make decisions based on what your fear is telling you your response should be, you often end up making the fear a reality). 

So how do High-Performers relate to fear? They get in its face, toe to toe with their fear, look it straight and the eyes and they challenge it. In other words, they prove their fears wrong. 

They know fear is just their brain’s way of trying to protect them, which is the job of the brain after all. They thank the fear very much for caring about their safety, then they tell the fear all about the reasons it has nothing to worry about. 

High-Performers don’t back down in the face of their fears – they bring confidence, courage, and a whole lot of self-trust.

The best way to get what you do want is to get your mindset in alignment with the result you do want. The next time fear tries to back you down or into a corner, try getting in its face and challenging it. Practice finding all the proof and evidence you can that suggests you can do that which will get you to your goals. 

Conquering your fears takes practice, tools, and a whole lot of self-discipline. But we promise you won’t regret the effort. How you choose to show up to your fears is one of the biggest predictors of how much of your potential you will realize in this lifetime. 

So now we want to know…how do you choose to relate to your fear?

Your highest potential is our passion, so let’s unleash it together!

-Coach Susan

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