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We’ve all had that feeling. Something coming at us like a freight train with no brakes. Maybe that something was a deadline, a new project, a review, a tryout… the list could go on forever.

Whenever something feels unknown or intimidating to us, our brain likes to revert to survival mode. As it tries to predict whether or not we’ll succeed, our brain searches for any and all information/ stored memories we may have to provide context.

If our brain can’t find any supporting evidence for how we could succeed, we enter into a sort of flight mode, where our brain hits the abort button and causes us to feel fear. 

But we don’t have to fall victim to this process.

Instead, we can learn how to turn our focus on the small things that we can positively impact in any situation. Even in the most novel situations, we can find little things that we know we have the ability to impact.

Finding these small, familiar, controllable aspects allow our brain to enter into a resourceful, confident state as opposed to a fear state. 

Being able to access this resourceful state gives our brain the ability to give us a ‘Green Light, Go’ signal that feels a lot like empowerment.

-Coach Lauren

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