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One of the biggest misconceptions in life involves the order in which we believe things should happen. We think we need to wait until we have more training or more experience before going after our goals.

We need an external qualification to give us a sense of internal permission to lead or do. We assume that more education will transform our fears into easy confidence. Like many of us—I grew up believing that I had to wait for the fear to go away BEFORE I took any chances. 

This has been one of the biggest areas of growth for me—understanding that fear is the water we will swim in as long as we continue to grow. As long as we continue to push and stretch our capabilities and take new risks we will experience fear.

But we can move through fear with a growth mindset and see that it’s in the doing—those actions need to come first—and then the feelings of confidence can come. So the only way to feel better about the fear is to go out and do.

Doing this and taking responsibility for your experience of life in this way is a lifelong practice. I’m still working on it. The point is to start.

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