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As you can see from this week’s deep dive into High-Performance Habits, High-Performers are committed, people. 

They are true growth professionals, committed to habitually performing those disciplines and habits that create a strong foundation for compoundable, sustainable growth – not a bunch of dabblers, just flirting with growth by dipping their toe in the pool of change.

So…as we wrap up this week’s focus on High-Performance Habits, we thought we end with a bang by unpacking the #1 HPH of them all – practicing self-awareness. 

Self-Awareness is the #1 growth accelerant of them all – what most people don’t realize is that your rate of growth is directly correlated with your level of self-awareness. 

High-Performers perform daily habits that ensure their self-awareness is on point. They journal, they meditate, they manage their state, they set daily intentions, they track and measure their progress, they celebrate their wins and they actively look for their biggest opportunities for growth. 

Sound like a lot? That’s the beauty of creating habitual practices – once they reach habit status, they happen automatically, as part of the routine approach to your daily lifestyle. Like brushing your teeth, habits become harder not to do than to actually perform. 

Creating self-awareness habits uses the power of our autopilot, to ensure the automatic choices we make are supporting our growth. 

Left to our own devices, self-awareness goes down. Setting intention towards cultivating peak levels of strategic self-awareness (towards the things that you’re going and growing towards) is the solution, and so that’s why we chose it as the #1 High-Performance Habit of them all. 

Your highest potential is our passion, so let’s unleash it together!

-Coach Susan

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