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It’s not an overnight surprise. Success doesn’t just appear at your front door. It’s the result of the habits you cultivate and the discipline you have for maintaining those habits. But what are those high-performance habits?

The High-Performance Habit I want to highlight is the habit of reflecting on your day and taking in all of the feedback and intelligence that you can. Many people call this journaling.

But beyond writing down your thoughts and winding down at the end of your day, journaling allows you to identify what things you did well and what things you could improve on to better your overall performance. 

For High Achievers learning to be High Performers, this is a crucial first step to validating the things you are doing WELL. High Achievers are hardwired to see all of the negative things going on, so they often miss the positive.

We can learn just as much from our successes as we can from our ‘failures’ or mistakes. When you do something well, don’t you want to know what you did to create that result so that you can continue to replicate that success?

So many of us see all of the things that we didn’t get done, didn’t have time for, or all the times we were unproductive and we’re left feeling chaotic; asking ourselves, ‘how am I ever going to have time?’.

However, if you identify those specific moments that you could improve upon and HOW you could improve your behaviors in each moment, then you have a sense of direction, not chaos. 

-Coach Lauren

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