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Ever wonder what High-Performers do to maximize their rate of growth and set the stage for going out into the world each and every day to play their biggest impact game?

There is a famous John Maxwell quote that sums it up best that says “motivation will get you going but it’s the consistency that will keep you growing.”

High-Performers know that the sustainability of their growth and impact game comes down to daily consistent habits that ensure they have what they need and do what they must to maximize their potential. 

They take time to study what works best and what doesn’t and why? 

They build routines and best practices based on knowing who they are and what they need to grow. 

They use tools and strategies that maximize the compound effect of their high-impact results. 

They protect the space they need on a daily to ensure they can consistently engage in what is known as ‘High-Performance Habits.’

We can hardly wait to unpack this incredibly important concept with you all this week. And we want to hear about what habits you consistently engage in to maximize your growth as a High-Performer too, so let us know.

Your highest potential is our passion, so let’s unleash it together!

-Coach Susan

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