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I know we’re all feeling it – this coming week marks a year since we first heard that we would have to cancel our March break travel plans, home school our kids, and go into our very first “lockdown” period stuck inside the 4 walls, working from home. 

It’s hard to imagine that it’s been an entire year already. If you had asked me if it were possible to sustain myself, my business, or my 9-year olds schooling for an entire year this time last year, I probably wouldn’t have believed it was possible. 

That’s the funny thing about being thrust outside your comfort zone and having to adapt – as it turns out, it’s a wonderful way to level up what you think you’re capable of. 

Now here I am, an entire year later, and boy oh boy, do I feel a lot stronger. And dare I say it – incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have learned so much about myself and my capacity to pivot and adapt outside of my comfort zone. 

Resiliency is a superpower that has the power to blow the roof off of the glass ceiling on our growth potential. When you collect enough proof of your capacity to thrive outside of your comfort zone, it gives you the confidence and desire to play outside of it even more, where you are guaranteed to make growth gains. 

As long as you fully show up to the opportunity dressed up in disguise as adversity. Meaning that you continue to challenge yourself to find the opportunities to grow and capitalize on them by getting intentional about what they are meant to teach you and train inside of you. 

There is so much that I’m grateful for when I look back over the last year and see how the disruption mobilized my growth potential. But the one that I’m most grateful for is the training ground for engaging my sense of resiliency itself.

I’m curious to know – what are you most grateful for in all this disruption? How’s your sense of resiliency feeling a year into this world pandemic? 

A true High-Performer knows that the growth journey never ends. 

They believe that pressure on the system is a privilege that shows up when it’s time to lean into the challenges that life and business surprise us with. And they don’t hesitate when it’s time to show up to the opportunity – because they know it’s a great way to enhance their superpower known as resiliency. 

Your highest potential is our passion, so let’s unleash it together!

-Coach Susan

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