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As we have collectively navigated the Covid pandemic over the past year resilience has emerged as a crucial theme. Here at Elite High Performance, we’ve always made it our mission to help people with mindset strategies that allow us to move forward effectively in a chaotic world.

Resilience is tied to how flexible we are in our response to events as they unfold. Often our approach to staying cool under pressure is to suppress our feelings.

When we do that it appears to fix things outwardly but it does nothing to change the overarousal of our inner state, which impacts how we experience a situation and ultimately our performance.

Our first step when it comes to teaching mindset skills for resilience is always about turning adversity into an opportunity for growth. The one thing we can always do is control our interpretation of a situation.

Many times we have a perspective for the worse. If we can dial in deeply to our experience and curiously ask what we could do to resolve the situation then we are already focusing on a solution instead of the problem.

– Coach Liane

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