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Here we are, coming up to a year now since this world pandemic first hit us. The pandemic fatigue is definitely real – while the shock has worn off, the disruption to our status quo continues. 

This is where our resiliency gets tested most. 

As we continue to adapt and pivot – at home with our families, homeschooling, and working from home – many people are starting to wonder…will we ever go back to “normal?”

One of the biggest silver linings that we are helping our clientele focus on is the opportunity to witness life outside of the status quo – status quo, thinking, choosing, and behaving – what opportunities lay hidden outside our typical autopilot ways?

One of the biggest opportunities we see our clients capitalizing on in all this persistent disruption is the opportunity to distill what truly matters most. 

When we gain clarity on what matters most, what we value at our core as human beings, what is most meaningful and important to us, we gain the opportunity to architect a life that we are passionate about living each and every day. The best part is this strategy is entirely within our control. 

When we architect a life that we are passionate about, we lean in, play all out, fully engage, and step into the flow of abundant energy, creativity, inspiration, and innovation. 

All of which help us to stay fully engaged on our missions, sustaining our resiliency. 

Those who are still leaning into their lives, leaning in with passion, and staying fully engaged in their growth, as a result, are not only navigating this prolonged disruption well, they are capitalizing on it, and they’re continuing to thrive. 

If you are starting to feel disengaged, if you’re losing the pandemic endurance, the resiliency, we strongly suggest stepping back and thinking about what you can control, what you can choose to focus on and see if you can find the passion that will help you stay engaged in your growth. Is it there? Hiding behind your choices regarding time, energy, and focus?

If not, it’s time to get to work, and by that we mean curious. Curious about what truly matters most to you? What do you care most deeply about? What’s most meaningful and important to you? So that you can stay resilient, focused on, and engaged in your growth. 

This world needs us more than ever to stay resilient on our missions as High-Performers. So that’s why we’ve decided to dive deeply into the concept of resiliency this week. 

Remember, your highest potential is OUR passion, so let’s unleash it together!

-Coach Susan

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