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There is an interesting debate going on in the psychology world about motivation and discipline and how one is actually more important than the other. The interesting part about this debate is that up until now, many of us have been led to believe that the most important thing to have on our goal-getting journey is motivation.

Even the most elite athletes out there experience the ebbs and flows of motivation; sometimes it’s there and sometimes it feels, well, lacking. But they’re the best of the best. So, what gets them to go to the gym or to practice when the thing they want to do most is to lie on the couch or sleep in?

Many would argue, it’s Discipline and I agree. But I would also like to add one thing in. They must also be connecting with their passion for their craft. Whether it’s a passion for the sport they play, passion about the goals they have set, etc. They have to be passionate about what they are doing. 

Here’s why I think passion is such a strong force:

  1. When you’re passionate about something, that means that one (or more) of your core values is being met.

That means that every decision that you make in favor of that thing is in alignment with at least one of your core values. And, if you’ve been with us for any time at all, you know how game-changing it is to make decisions in alignment with your values. 

  1. It takes a lot to take away your passion for something.

Having a passion for something that you’re doing, whether it’s playing a sport or curating a healthier lifestyle, will carry you and push you forward even when your motivation and discipline falter.  

– Coach Lauren

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