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Valentine’s Day is one of our favourite international holidays all year to celebrate here at Team Elite, and it’s quickly approaching, so of course, we’ve decided to focus this entire week on the High-Performance topic of LOVE. 

“What does love got to do with it” you may be asking yourself right about now…What does love have to do with being a High-Performer and playing your biggest impact game?

Love is a core desired feeling shared by every High-Performer on the planet – therefore, they prioritize actions that help them embody this powerful neurochemical on the daily. Love is an extremely empowering, expansive, uplifting energetic state that sets us up to do our best work, have the greatest impact and build lives that are meaningful and intrinsically fulfilling. 

Love shared with others builds high-quality, meaningful connections and acts as a powerful ripple effect into the lives of those you care deeply about. When we prioritize the things we love most, we open up into great levels of abundance and pure flow. 

When we prioritize love, we sustain peak levels of engagement longer. When we prioritize love, our lives feel richer, fuller, more vibrant and energizing. So…where are you prioritizing love on the daily? For yourself, those you care deeply about, the purpose-driven mission you’re on?

This world needs us High-Performers to prioritize the love and spread the powerful ripple effect that comes from leading our lives in this way MORE THAN EVER. 

Your highest potential is our passion, so let’s unleash it together this week with love!

-Coach Susan

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