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Throughout my years playing elite-level hockey, I learned a lot about what leaders can do for their teammates and their teams. A great leader doesn’t have to have an A or C on their jersey to make an impact on the people around them because leadership isn’t given in a title or a letter. Leadership is a set of qualities that a person possesses and hones throughout their lifetime. 

These inherent and trained qualities lead an individual to stand out from the rest, be it in their work ethic, their thoughts, their voice, their actions. People naturally want to follow a leader who knows what their role is and what their impact can be. 

We spend a lot of time talking about what leaders can do for others…but what can leaders do for themselves? ALL THE SAME THINGS!

As leaders and givers, we often forget to take care of ourselves and tend to our needs because we are so focused on helping the people around us. We forget that all of the things we help others focus on and achieve we can also do for ourselves. Whether it’s adding to our discipline through routines, developing our courage by pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones… the list goes on. 

So, my question to each one of you is: “what is something you consistently tell other people to do but neglect to do yourself?”

-Coach Lauren

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