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Applying leadership in our lives in terms of skillfully managing our mindset is like a caffeine switch for our brain. It helps us get out of our autopilot—those familiar patterns of doing and being what the brain likes because it requires the least amount of energy. Our autopilot is why we get pulled into instant gratification and the path of least resistance. It’s why it’s so difficult to rise up sustainably over the long term from habits that take a toll on our health, happiness and performance.

One of the biggest ways we can use leadership in our lives is taking charge of our autopilot and creating a conscious habit of pulling over and pressing pause when we are getting out of alignment with our goals. This allows us to create a choice point that might not otherwise be there and make the decision to compel ourselves through any short term discomfort we might feel while on the road to those longer term benefits.

-Coach Liane

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