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Have you ever heard the infamous John C. Maxwell quote “motivation will get you going but it’s consistency that keeps you growing”?

As we come down the pipeline here in January, we’re curious – how many of you have sustained progress towards making your 2021 vision a reality?

This is one of the biggest differences between the growth strategy of High-Achievers and that of a true High-Performer. 

High-Achievers run on an all-or-nothing strategy, which often times means that although they start off hard, fast and strong, it’s not long before their efforts to grow, change or improve fade off into avoidance – whereas High-Performers focus on the compound effect of consistent effort, which leads to long-term sustainable progress and growth. 

Levelling up is a long game play – it doesn’t happen over night. It requires discipline, focus, consistent effort and accountability. 

We are 4 weeks into the New Year, so this is an important time to perform a pit stop and audit the consistency of your efforts thus far. 

If you’ve fallen off track with your focus and discipline around the progress you need to make to close the gap between where you started January 01st and where you want to land December 31st, ask yourself why? Do you have the right approach, strategy, structure and support systems in place to keep you accountable and consistent? Are you focused on the short game or the long play?

Remember – baby steps are best when trying to go and grow the distance – the compound effect of constancy is far more powerful than a strong start with no finish. 

Your highest potential is my passion, so let’s unleash it together!

-Coach Susan

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