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I’m continually amazed at what a powerful force the comfort zone is. When we set out to make a change we will experience resistance. In our effort to maintain consistency we will come up against those times when it feels easier not to try. It’s hard to patiently do what it takes to get the results you want.

What can help us overcome the path of least resistance and stay consistent?

  1. We must make sure our goal has a strong pull. Without having clarity on our why—our big reason for change, we can’t stick with it. The reason for this is explained through behavioural science, which tells us that we preferentially choose the path of least resistance over change because change requires energy. The reflexive part of our brain is programmed to keep us safe and secure so we are biased against change. To overcome this we have to deal with the part of our brain that fears the uncertainty around change. A strong why is what helps convince the partof our brain that resists change to get on board.   
  2. Accountability is vital in helping us stay consistent. This is one of the reasons why people hire coaches! You can create similar accountability by asking a friend or partner if you can report in with them. Or you can join an online challenge. Often I have clients who want to keep their goals a secret for fear of failure. But right out of the gates that strategy will lead to failure. Share your goals with someone who cares about your self-development and that will help keep you making the right decisions and taking the right actions.

-Coach Liane

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