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We’re a couple of weeks into our new goal-setting journey and into this new year… How has it been so far? Have you encountered your first roadblock yet? Or felt your first pangs of doubt? If you have, this is NORMAL. The path to reaching our goals is never a straight line—there are always ups and downs. 

We always start out with such high levels of inspiration that we feel unstoppable. We know that our goals are attainable and that we would do anything to reach them but for so many of us, we end up losing sight of our ultimate goal as we navigate the path to getting there. 

Inspiration serves as a compelling motivator to do what needs to be done on a daily basis but it can also be difficult to maintain at high levels. So how do we work to keep those levels of inspiration high so that we can power through roadblocks when they do appear?

I always call on my WHY factor. Why was my goal so important to me when I started the journey? This allows me to see the forest through the trees, to keep in mind the greater goal as I tackle all the small ones along the way. 

What is your WHY?

-Coach Lauren

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