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Inspiration isn’t something that High-Achievers come by naturally. Sure, they’re hustlers and go-getters, but their externally motivated drive often grinds them down into such deficit, burned out states that it becomes impossible to ignite their inspiration.

Inspiration is one of the highest, most expansive and resourceful states of them all. It’s one heck of an intrinsic, self-renewing motivator and it accelerates growth into a whole other gear – no wonder High-Performers bank on this go-to state when headed on their purpose-driven missions.

Inspiration can be pro-actively illicited when we seek new possibilities, raise our level of consciousness and seek guidance from our intuition. You’ll have to make space for it to grow however, which means you’ll have to commit to slowing down, breaking the autopilot and getting super mindful.

Try igniting your inspiration switch today by taking a few minutes to breathe slowly, count your breaths until you feel grounded and deeply connected to your body, and then ask your intuition to show you what your future highest potential self has to show you about where you’re meant to grow, create, serve or expand.

All that’s left to do to turn that switch on is to step into his or her shoes and embody the resources you need to feel to integrate the experience as if it is really happening for you right now.

Nothing ignites inspiration better than stepping into the purpose that is you and all that you were designed to be.

Your highest potential is my passion, so let’s unleash it together!

-Coach Susan

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