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This week I’m offering a last checkpoint on your goals. Often our goals can feel like an uphill battle and we might already feel worried that it’s going to require a lot of willpower to stay the course. If you are feeling this way that’s a red flag right there. It may be that you have a “should” goal or you have framed your goal in a way that is going to create tension and stress.

We can set ourselves up for success by mapping out our goal in a way that allows the experience of going after it to feel inspiring. How do we do this?

Make sure that your goal feels resonant with what’s important to you in your life. So even though your goal can still bring up fear, you also want to determine if it has a natural energy and expansion to it. Will you learn a new skill set? Engage in things you care about? Tap into new strengths? Expand your capabilities? Become more of who you really are? I know in thinking about those things for myself—I’m feeling more inspired already!

Take those few extra minutes to craft your goal in a more inspiring way and hopefully the journey to get there will be as enjoyable as the destination.

-Coach Liane

Liane’s mission is to help clients transform their mindset so they can make better lifestyle choices to improve their health and happiness. Liane combines more than five years of experience in clinical nutrition, nutritional genomics and corporate wellness. Past clients include Mount Sinai Hospital, Facebook Canada and the TD Centre of Learning. Along with a diploma in holistic nutrition, Liane has a certificate of training from the Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy and is a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach.

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