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This week here at Team Elite, we’ve been unpacking the importance of goal-setting and how it is a requisite action step towards goal-getting.

Today, I want to unpack the importance of breaking your goals down into daily intentions, which neuroscience proves is an essential strategy when setting yourself up to execute and follow through on the action steps you must take in the here and now.

Intentions are commitments that you’re making to yourself, to do the work required to close the gap between your actual self and your future aspirational vision of yourself.

High-Achievers are great at keeping the commitments they make to others – but when it comes to keeping the commitments they make to themselves, they usually fall short.

Keeping our commitments to ourselves is an essential aspect of building integrity with ourselves. And when it comes to realizing our longer term goals, you simply must be able to trust yourself to execute on the things required to get you there.

When we create daily intentions for ourselves, it compels us to cultivate clarity, which helps the subconscious mind notice opportunities in real time to execute on the actions you’ve committed to taking.

Intentions are neuroscientificaly proven to drive execution and follow through because they rank as higher priority automatic decisions in real time.

We love this power tool when it comes time to hit the ground running and take massive actions towards the realization of your long term goals.

See if you can challenge yourselves today to identify, with as much clarity as possible, what it is that you must do to get one step closer to your 2021 vision. Practice creating some well-formed intention statements using the lead statement “Today I will….(describe the action steps you’re committed to taking).”

Don’t forget to circle back at the end of the day to notice how you did. Holding yourself accountable will help you build integrity with yourself, and the more you follow the exercise consistently, the more you will notice an acceleration in your growth.

Your highest potential is my passion, so let’s go, let’s get unleashing it together!

-Coach Susan

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