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Building on our vision for 2021, this week we are tackling goals. Often we approach our goals with a mindset that is rooted in self-criticism, fear and guilt. When we allow our inner critic to take charge of how we think about ourselves in relation to our goals we are likely to experience less motivation. It may sound counter-intuitive but research shows that being supportive and kind to yourself is associated with greater motivation and is more likely to keep you in alignment with your intentions.

As you move forward with your goals this year there will always be times when you veer off course or become stuck. When that happens it’s easy to beat yourself up. The mindset shift here is towards self-care and becoming a student of yourself. Can you bring curiosity to investigate your stumbling block and what you need to do to move past it? This is a more self-supportive mindset and allows you to work towards your goals with greater ease.

-Coach Liane

Liane’s mission is to help clients transform their mindset so they can make better lifestyle choices to improve their health and happiness. Liane combines more than five years of experience in clinical nutrition, nutritional genomics and corporate wellness. Past clients include Mount Sinai Hospital, Facebook Canada and the TD Centre of Learning. Along with a diploma in holistic nutrition, Liane has a certificate of training from the Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy and is a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach.

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