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Boy oh boy, 2020 sure didn’t turn out the way any of us had anticipated it would – undoubtedly one of the most challenging years any of us have ever faced.

And if you’re a member of this High-Performance tribe, hopefully that also meant that it was one of your biggest growth years yet too!
Our core belief here at Team Elite is that adversity always represents the hidden opportunities for our growth – so as we set the stage for the new year of growth ahead, this is where we want you to get to work at the start of this new year.

One of THE BEST ways to set your vision for the year ahead is to capitalize on all the hidden intel buried in the adversity and challenges you experienced in the previous years.

Where you found and strategically implemented the opportunities for growth buried in the challenges of 2020, take time to bank these progress points as proof and evidence of what you’re capable of in your growth game – this will inject a lot of confidence into the vision you set for 2021.

However, where you struggled to pivot, adapt, and grow through the challenges (or even find the opportunities to do so) in 2020, this is where we want you to zero in and audit the roadblocks so that you can capitalize on the hidden intel for your growth now.

To gain clarity on how to use this intel to help you form a clear and compelling vision for 2021, try asking yourself these questions:
-where did I suffer or struggle most and why?
-where did I block my ability to move forward and why?
-where did I get stuck and why?
-where am I still lacking the tools, strategies or resources to affect change in my life and why?

Once you audit these questions and dig as deeply as you can into the “whys”, you will start to see where you need to go and grow in the year ahead, which is a strategy we love to help our clients work through as they set the stage and the vision for their success in the year to come.

What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger – so let’s capitalize on all the strength and resiliency gained before saying goodbye to 2020 friends.

Pain should never be useless to us as human beings – so dig into this exercise and let’s turn all that pain into purpose for the year 2021. When the world clearly needs us High-Performers to step up our purpose-driven missions more than ever.

Your highest potential is my passion, and I can hardly wait to get unleashing it together in the year to come!

-Coach Susan


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