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Here we are high performance friends…back to it for a new year!

This week my kids are back at (virtual) school and I’m back in the (virtual) office and planning to take time to work on creating my vision for 2021.

The first step for me is always to get clarity. The research in neuroscience shows that to actualize on a goal we need a clear vision of what we want. To get clarity I need to go beyond simply listing out my goals. I take a few minutes to go deeper and ask: what is driving me to want these things? Why do I want to achieve these goals? What values are driving me to pursue these goals?

Then I take some time to evaluate if my goals are internally or externally driven. Most goals are about external results (e.g., losing weight). The extrinsic goal to lose weight often comes with extrinsic drivers of wanting to feel more confident, fitting into societal norms for attractiveness versus the intrinsic goal of wanting to feel strong and energized. If I map out feeling strong and energized as my internal driver for success then I can start to create an action plan on all the things I can do to feel strong and energized in 2021. For example: sleep, exercise, healthy eating, downtime, morning routine. I know that while I’m in the process of investing my time, energy and focus into those actions it will give me the energy and focus I need to show up as my most effective self in everything I do.

Whatever goal you might have take a few minutes to map it out so you are clear on what you want and why that’s intrinsically important to you.

-Coach Liane



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