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As we approach the holidays this year, it’s hard not to focus on everything that’s changed. Smaller gatherings, less travel, missing family members.

It’s hard to not feel what’s missing, what’s not going right. But the question I have to ask everyone is, “what purpose does it serve to focus on everything that’s not going to be with you this holiday season?”

So much of this time of year is about giving back, giving thanks, and enjoying the company of those whom we call family.

Although things are undoubtedly different, I want to challenge all of you to practice gratitude for what you do have, the family and friends you have (both those who are present and those far away).

Try to feel grateful for what you do have instead of focusing on what you don’t.

Have a happy and safe holiday.

-Coach Lauren

As a former elite athlete, playing at both the college and professional levels, I bring a unique combination of experience and expertise into my work with clients. By integrating top notch mental skills work and brain training, clients will learn how to become the best version of themselves. By getting into the mental gym with me, clients will discover their passion for achieving their goals while learning how to live life in a positive headspace, receiving the necessary challenge and support from me—their coach!

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