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We are all driven by our sense of why – that reason to get out of bed in the morning, hit the workout hard, parent responsibly and show up and drive results on the work front.
There is a purpose behind all these choices. And illuminating it can tell you a lot about where you are struggling to go and grow.
There’s a big difference between doing things because you have to and doing them because you want to.
And nothing makes you question your whys more than a global pandemic can.
Where we are driven by a purpose that is in alignment with that which is most meaningful to us, we are relentless in our pursuit of excellence.
Where we are driven by whys that aren’t in alignment with that which is meaningful and important to us, we burn out, we suffer and we struggle to show up excellently.
If 2020 has you questioning your whys, then we’ve got you covered.
We know 2020 has forced us all outside of our collective comfort zones. But it’s those purpose-driven individuals that have capitalized on this disruption the most.
Ready to get on your purpose-driven mission in time for 2021? So that you can play your biggest impact game? Join my High-Performance Spirituality Coach, Lisa LaJoie and I this Wednesday, December 2nd at 7pm for a FREE MASTERCLASS on how to align with your purpose as a High-Performer.
We can hardly wait to see you in class…
Your highest potential is our passion, so we will see you Wednesday where we can get unleashing it together!
-Coach Susan

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