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The most courageous thing we can do at midlife is to put up our hand and say “my turn.”

We do our work, do the laundry, be with our families, take the kids to the dentist and do all that needs to be done so everything looks normal on the outside. But on the inside we are unraveling.

On some level we know that we are falling apart and that we need to slow down and take a deeper look at how we got to this point in our lives but it’s easier to pretend that everything is ok.

So we go on with the status quo even though we know that our experience of life could be better and more fulfilling.

I believe that midlife is the perfect opportunity to tear down the walls we’ve spent the first half of our life building up so that we can truly see our value again and understand how to make better decisions for ourselves.

After so much work, effort, caregiving and doing for others we deserve to go into the next chapter of our lives with optimism and a strong foundation of self-worth so that we can feel how we want to feel: confident, happy, satisfied and fulfilled.

It takes courage to acknowledge that we’re at the halfway mark and that we can’t continue on numbing ourselves to take the edge off because choosing that is continuing to press the balloon inside down. Instead we have the option of letting it go. When we have the courage to do that the rewards on the other side are finally being able to reconnect with ourselves, regain ourselves and refocus on our future.

-Coach Liane

Liane’s mission is to help clients transform their mindset so they can make better lifestyle choices to improve their health and happiness. Liane combines more than five years of experience in clinical nutrition, nutritional genomics and corporate wellness. Past clients include Mount Sinai Hospital, Facebook Canada and the TD Centre of Learning.

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