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In this video, Coach Liane shares valuable advice for how to gain confidence outside of your comfort zone in your middle age.


*Video Text: Once we’ve reached a certain stage of life where we’ve gained a lot of experience over the years, we become used to presenting as a pretty polished version of ourselves.

It feels like we’ve passed that more experimental time in our lives—our 20s and to some degree even our 30s when we’re still building out our career and personal lives and what that’s all going to look like—but now we’ve mostly got it nailed down.

Interestingly, I find that this can be the barrier that keeps us stuck because if we are used to being confident in many important areas of our life then we don’t like the feeling of being at square one with something or going out of our comfort zone where we don’t have the same level of confidence.

In the area of health for example, after years of broken promises and what my clients often see as failed attempts to stay on a diet or keep consistent with exercise even though they are very accomplished in other areas, they lack the confidence for tackling this particular aspect of their life.

This is where they know what they need to do but they lack the confidence to put it into action.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard somebody say that they know they need to cut out sugar, gluten, dairy, caffeine, sugar, exercise 5 days a week, make these huge sweeping changes that would feel insurmountable to anyone.

That’s where you take a stab at some aspect of it that feels doable. That is what starts to act as a building block for your confidence because you start to see yourself as someone who is capable of making a change and that baby step leads to another and over time the effects of all those baby steps in your life start to add up and can be really remarkable.

-Coach Liane

Coach Liane combines more than five years of experience in clinical nutrition, nutritional genomics and corporate wellness. Past clients include Mount Sinai Hospital, Facebook Canada and the TD Centre of Learning. Along with a diploma in holistic nutrition, Liane has a certificate of training from the Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy and is a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach.

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