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Are you starting to lose steam? 

The temperature is dropping, daylight hours have been reduced, and pandemic-related restrictions are ramping back up. 

Staying motivated in these challenging times requires work, and the start of anything that you know is going to require a lot of hard work can be daunting for even the strongest brains to tackle.

The secret to overcoming any challenge is to get your mindset aimed in the right direction, and knowing how to frame any new challenge is the key to motivating you to want to tackle it.

The secret to getting major motivation as you explode out the starting blocks this week is to take a few minutes today to close your eyes and…




Remember why you are working so hard. Connect with what it’s all for. Not only the be-all and end-all goal but WHY it is so important to you. 

The secret to motivation towards anything that requires your A game effort is to keep your why factor alive, engaged and front and centre in your mindset. Stay connected with it and it will sustain your ability to dig deep and stay motivated this week.

Your highest potential IS our passion, let’s unleash it together!

-Coach Susan

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