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This morning I wanted to focus on one idea in particular:

The way that we perceive something is just as important as the thing itself.

Sounds complex, right?

However complex this sounds, initially, the reality of it is quite simple. The way that we perceive any kind of external stimulus determines our entire reaction to it.

For example, do we perceive the stimuli as negative, and therefore shut down or run away? Or do we perceive it as positive and enter into our high performer mode?

We cannot control the external stimuli that get placed in front of us. But we can, however, control the way we perceive it. If we can train our brains to perceive challenges and roadblocks as positive stimuli, we can control our response to that stimuli.

Our brain is designed to keep us safe at all costs. But sometimes our brain forgets that some stimuli, although daunting and intimidating for sure, will not literally kill us. For example, you cannot literally die of embarrassment. Or you will not (literally) die if you’re forced to do 4 more weeks of home workouts.

So the next time that you’re presented with something that initially makes you feel anxious, frustrated, or upset, remind yourself that you can flip your perception and, in turn, change your response to the stimuli.

Your highest potential IS our passion, let’s unleash it together!
– Coach Susan

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