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Have you noticed that you’re feeling a little off lately, but can’t seem to put your finger on why? Could it be because you’re get stuck in past or forward focused thinking? This is something I have noticed in a number of people who tell me they “feel down” or “just not themselves”. When I ask them why, and their self-awareness produces a blindspot, I ask them what they have been thinking about lately.

This question often yields answers that reveal to me that people are stuck in rumination mode–thinking about things they cannot control. It’s only natural for us to think into the future as us High Performers are geared towards planning and it’s all too common to get stuck in negative thought patterns focused on things we wish we could change.

So, what can we do to switch up the dialogue and impact our feelings and subjective wellbeing for the better?

Try to focus on the present. Remind yourself to focus on what you can control in the here and now. When we focus on the present, we naturally feel more interested and engaged in whatever it is we are doing and have the ability to appreciate our surroundings.

– Coach Susan

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