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We’ve been focusing on the scarcity mindset and how it impacts your perception of the world around you a lot lately. As we mentioned earlier in the month, the scarcity mindset describes a state of thinking characterized by the constant belief that there will NEVER BE ENOUGH. So, what does that look like today?

Scarcity Mindset:

  • The world’s resources are being depleted and won’t be replenished
  • If I lose my job I’ll never find a new one
  • The vaccine is going to be “too little too late”
  • Life will never be the same ever again

This mindset is contrasted by the abundance mindset, which, instead, uses a lens of limitless opportunities and areas for growth. 

Abundance Mindset:

  • There is so much ingenuity in clean energy right now, it’s inspiring.
  • There are other ways I can apply my skill set in the workforce
  • With the amount of resources and man-power going into research, the vaccine we produce will be worth the wait
  • There are so many things to take away and learn from this experience 

When we live our lives using a scarcity lens, we struggle to realize our full potential because we are ruled by fear. If we can use an abundance lens to view our lives, our goals will feel more attainable than ever because we know that there is no such thing as absolute failure; only learning opportunities.

Which mindset do you find yourself falling into? 

-Coach Susan

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