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Let’s talk about what it feels like to feel “stuck” on our journey towards our goals.

Getting “stuck” is very common for people who set goals for themselves with the expectation of achieving them. 

High Achievers often have a hard time getting over the hump and out of the frustration, anger, and confusion that come along with feeling “stuck”. When a roadblock pops up along the journey, the High Achiever perceives it as a threat to their progress, to their ability to achieve their goals. This fear thinking results in a chain reaction of negative thinking that will all but convince the High Achiever to abandon ship if the roadblock is substantial enough.

High Performers see roadblocks as opportunities to learn and grow and become stronger on the other side. Instead of feeling fear, they feel excited because they know that they will get something valuable out of the experience of stepping out of their comfort zone. 

When that next roadblock appears along your journey to your goals, how will you perceive it?

-Coach Susan


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