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A pillar of the high performer mindset is the ability to pull in and integrate new information from each and every experience.

The best of the best make sure that they leave no chips on the table when they walk away from a business meeting, a networking event, a presentation, a game, practice, etc. This means that high performers have to seek out feedback to figure out how they did but also how they can do BETTER next time.

Although it sounds simple, how comfortable or uncomfortable do you feel right before someone critiques your performance? Opening yourself up to criticism takes yet another pillar of the high performer mindset; vulnerability. You have to be willing to hear and accept feedback which requires you to give someone access to your personal emotions, strengths, and weaknesses.

High performers also document their experiences so that they can go back and ‘rewatch the game tape’ or identify areas they felt like they excelled or need more work on. So, how do high performers pull it all together? They see feedback as GOLD, as a resource that will help their performance, and they refuse to be scared of vulnerability; they welcome it.

Are you ready to get vulnerable and ask someone for feedback on one of your performances?

-Coach Susan


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