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A strategy is how we get someone from point A (their mindset) to point B (the result they are after). A deficit strategy is one that is driven by a belief that we need to go outside of ourselves to get what we need to feel in order to get to the results we are after. For example, a belief that we aren’t good enough drives us to go outside of ourselves to get to the feeling of external validation so we can have the confidence we need to perform well. The problem with this? External validators are never constant and you already have everything you need inside you! 

Learning to use strategies based on internal validation and high internal locus of control (strong belief that you have the ability to control and impact your situation) is the foundation for facing any adversity in life. Instead of avoiding the roadblock, you are able to tackle it head on because you see it for what it truly is–an opportunity to learn and grow!

High performers live for their internal validators because they know that they are the key to their unwavering confidence, self-esteem, and motivation. 

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