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What can you control about the world right now? Not a whole lot.

What can you control in your own life right now? More than you think. 

At Elite High Performance, we spend so much of our time helping clients shift their focus from things they have no control over to things that they do have control over. It may seem like a simple task but the reality of the world is that we are programmed to worry about all of the things we can’t control; other people’s perceptions of us, our income, the economy, etc. So, shifting our perception to things we can control means tearing down all of those pre-programmed, deficit strategy thought patterns and replacing them with empowering and positive strategies.

We have over 70,000 thoughts per day and 95-97% of those occur without us even knowing. When was the last time you took a minute to take stock of even some of those thoughts? Just like a store must keep track of its inventory to make sure they deliver a quality experience, we have to keep ainventory of our thoughts to make sure we experience a high-quality mindset. If the majority of your thoughts are negative or focused on the wrong things, the product (YOU) will suffer in the end. 

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